• Food for Thought May 7, 2024


Human Resource Issues: A Potpourri

Presented by DeWitt Law Firm

Join us for a comprehensive presentation by DeWitt employment lawyers, Steve DiTullio and Jordan Rohlfing, as they share information and timely updates on important human resource topics including:

  • Important new developments regarding Independent Contractors and the Department of Labor’s new rule.
  • Insights into Non-Compete Agreements and the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) proposed rules.
  • Best practices for updating and maintaining employee handbooks.

Lessons from the HBO Series Succession … 5 Life Insurance Strategies for Smooth(er) Succession Planning in Family Business

Presented by Colton Groome Insurance Advisors in partnership with the Zimdars Company, Inc.

The hit HBO Series “Succession” portrays the dysfunctions within a multi-billion-dollar family business when Succession and Estate Planning are ignored. When Logan Roy (the patriarch) decides to re-emerge as the CEO and simultaneously has a sudden decline in health, the lack of succession planning and communication rears its ugly head. Presenter G. Tate Groome will use clips from “Succession” to emphasize the importance of collaborating with your advisory team now, and how thoughtful estate planning combined with carefully constructed life insurance strategies can help stabilize dynamic, multi-generational family businesses.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
7:30 a.m. Breakfast, 8-10:15 a.m. Program
Fluno Center and Online