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Secret Sauce for a Successful Family Business

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Breakfast Buffet: 7 – 8:30 a.m. in the Oros dining Room
Speaker Series: 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. in the Auditorium

Anthony Avery (“Tony”) Simmons is the President and CEO of McIlhenny Company, the manufacturers of TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce. Mr. Simmons is the great-great grandson of McIlhenny Company founder and TABASCO Original Red Pepper Sauce inventor Edmund McIlhenny. McIlhenny Company has been family owned and operated since its inception, and Mr. Simmons is the seventh member of the McIlhenny family to lead the company.

Join us to hear the Tabasco story and how they have kept their family business going for over 150 years.

Following the keynote, choose one of three breakout sessions:

Q&A with Mr. Tony Simmons
An open Q&A session with Mr. Simmons. He has a diverse background of entrepreneurship, family business, board service, environmental protection and more. Bring your questions!

How to Market more Effectively in the Experience Era
In a recent study, 80% of businesses reported providing a superior level of customer experience, where only 8% of consumers report that they are regularly provided great customer experiences. This indicates a disconnect, and also a big opportunity for your business! Over the last twenty years there’s been a massive shift in how customers engage with businesses, shifting from the Information Era where people could seek out information online, to, the Experience Era, where we are now. Today, customers desire to be taken on a meaningful journey and invest in brands that stand for something. How do you do create that experience in an age when the internet is no longer a luxury and a beautifully designed website is the expectation? In this talk, Amber will show you how to develop a customer experience strategy, along with tactics that you can implement in your marketing to ensure that your brand is marketing effectively, for the experience era.

Engaging the Next Generation: A Study in Communication
Businesses with family ownership tend to out-perform businesses that are not family owned. Implicit in the definition is continuity to the next generation. But how do you engage the next generation? Must they work in the business to be good stewards? How do you encourage them to pursue their dreams and talents, yet ensure continuity of the business? What happens when some of the next generation work in the business, and others don’t? Join me for a session on Engaging the Next Generation: A Study in Communication. We will talk about the necessity of family meetings, educating ALL members of a family about the business, and the difference between being an employee and an owner, how to develop good communication structure around the business, and develop a “Yes, and” attitude for family and business to flourish. Sample family meeting topics and agendas will be included.