Alliance Rubber Company: A True Rags to Riches Story

March 22, 2018

Alliance Rubber Company has been a Family Business Center Member since 2004 and we thank them for their years of family business knowledge they bring to all of our programs.

Many business owners will claim they started from nothing and built their organization from the ground up. More often, the case is that these owners will have had some sort of experience in their field before they set off on their own. For William H. Spencer and Alliance Rubber Company, they literally started from nothing and made a whole lot of something out of it.

When William arrived in Alliance, Ohio in 1917, it had been 13 years since he had left home at the age of 13. He had less than $3 to his name, so he took a job with Pennsylvania Railroad. It wasn’t until March 7, 1923 when his ingenuity would shine through and the Alliance Rubber Company we know today would begin to take shape.

What he first noticed was a problem for newspapers in the area. When they would be delivered to people’s houses they would blow across the lawn because there was nothing holding them together. By simply slicing some Goodyear inner tubes into bands and convincing the newspapers to use them to keep the papers wrapped together, Alliance Rubber Company was born.

What began as a company that found a simple solution to an annoying problem has grown into a global leader that provides over 2,000 products to its customers out of its headquarters in Hot Springs, Arkansas. That’s approximately 15 million pounds of rubber bands every year!

The organization remains family owned, and it is currently being run by the third generation of Spencers. The roots of their family values and culture run deep within the organization and they pride themselves on being able to say that over 60 percent of their employees have been with the company for over five years.

With all of the success that Alliance Rubber has had, it just goes to show that sometimes the simplest solutions can lead to the most amazing outcomes.

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