From Cabinets to Commercial Buildings, the Bachmanns Have Done It All

February 20, 2018

Bachmann Construction has been a Family Business Center member since 2016 and we thank them for the years of family business knowledge they are able to bring to all of our programs.

Companies won’t just approach you about designing their new headquarters overnight or by accident. For over 60 years, Bachmann Construction has been building on the exceptional standard of excellence that its founders, Fred and Ruth Bachmann, set when they founded the company in 1954.

When they first started out, Fred and Ruth weren’t exactly designing skyscrapers. The couple, utilizing the skills they had learned growing up, built cabinets in their basement. As their reputation grew and their fine craftsmanship was recognized, they began to tackle larger and larger projects.

Bachmann Construction has long outgrown the confines of Fred and Ruth’s basement. Today, the company has over 40 employees and handles over $10 million in construction projects each year.

As Bachmann has grown, it has stayed true to its family-run roots. Second-generation family members Al, Diane, and Fred Jr. have all held different positions at the company, and Al continues to serve CEO. The third-generation of Bachmanns are poised to keep the family business running strong for years to come with Naomi, Noah, and David all having different roles in the organization.

No matter what project Bachmann Construction decides to tackle next, and it has tackled quite a few exceptional ones, you can bet they will continue to deliver the same outstanding work customers have come to expect from them.