Brennan: Where Exceeding Expectations is the Norm

April 16, 2018

Brennan has been a Family Business Center Member since 2012 and we thank them for their years of family business knowledge they bring to all of our programs.

For a company that is almost a century old, you would think that trying new things would have become tiresome at this point, but not for JF Brennan. This is a company that has always been willing to try something a bit “outside the box” and it all started with their founders, Jim and Gene Brennan.

Brennan was originally founded in 1919 by Jim and Gene after they left their family farm and began building bridges for the county. It was here that the foundation for the “Brennan Way” was formed.

As time passed, Brennan expanded to other parts of the Midwest, including in La Crosse, Wis. If there was an area that needed a bridge built, Brennan was typically the one supplying the workers. This included work along the Mississippi River and work for the new national interstate system.

Since its inception, Brennan had been known primarily as a bridge builder. As it has grown, it has taken on far more responsibilities including building levees, locks, and dams. It has expanded into areas that Jim and Gene could have only dreamed of when they started Brennan. These include navigational dredging, habitat restoration, hydroelectric generation facilities, and railroad bridge construction.

Through it all, the company has continued to maintain its core values, known as the “Brennan Way.” These focus on putting quality, safety, and efficiency above all else, just as its founders did back in 1919.

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