BrightStar Care Goes Above and Beyond for Their Patients

November 9, 2017

BrightStar Care has been a Family Business Center member since 2010 and we thank them for the years of family business knowledge they are able to bring to all of our programs.

Too often, the reason that many family businesses get started is because there isn’t a product or service out there that meets the needs the individual or family currently has. One of the best examples of this is BrightStar Care.

BrightStar Care was started by the husband and wife duo of Jeff Tews and Susan Rather. They had an individual in their family who needed to be cared for regularly. For any family going through this, it can be an overwhelming experience as Jeff and Susan found out. That is when they decided their family member deserved something better than what was currently being offered. The result was opening BrightStar Care. Their motto? A Higher Standard of Care.

Today, BrightStar Care has over 300 independently owned and operated locations around the country. They deliver exceptional in-home care, led by a registered nurse, to all sorts of individuals including seniors, new mothers, those with disabilities, those recovering from an accident or injury, and others depending on their situation.

As the organization grows and provide services to more individuals, it is a guarantee they will continue to go above and beyond what is expected to provide A Higher Standard of Care.