Perlick: Over 100 Years of Providing the Highest Quality Products

July 9, 2018

Perlick has been a Family Business Center Member since 2013 and we thank them for their years of family business knowledge they bring to all of our programs.

Being the one of the best in your industry is a pretty common theme in Milwaukee. The city is home to one of the most famous motorcycle manufactures, one of the popular famous beer producers, and one of the most trusted names in refrigeration and dispensing solutions.

You can probably name the first two pretty easily, but you might not have known that Milwaukee is home to Perlick Corporation, which celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2017!

Perlick is currently a fifth-generation owned family business. Over the years, the company has introduced the world to mechanical refrigeration and the first system capable of carrying beer over 100 ft. (You can imagine that’s a pretty useful feature to have in a state like Wisconsin!)

One of the most unique aspects of Perlick is how successful the company has managed to become in both the commercial and residential industries. Most companies would typically focus on either one or the other, but Perlick has continued to buck the trend and excel in both.

As the company transitions into its next 100 years of operation, Perlick will continue to maintain the family values and high-quality products that helped make it so successful in the first place.

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