A Global Leader Founded Right in Our Own Backyard

June 6, 2018

Prent Corporation has been an FBC member since 2017 and we thank them for the years of family business expertise they bring to all our programs.

When Prent Corporation was founded in 1967, Jack and Carrol Pregont couldn’t have imagined the company would grow into what it is today. Their only goal was to provide customers with outstanding products and quality service from their headquarters in Janesville, Wis.

By the time Jack and Carrol transitioned ownership of Prent to their son Joseph in 1985, the custom thermoforming business had grown far beyond their wildest expectations. Joseph took Prent to the next level.

By expanding the company's reach and building manufacturing plants across the globe, Joseph transformed Prent into the global force it is today. He expanded the company's capabilities by developing new and innovative products.

Today, this world leader is still headquartered in Janesville, and it still holds the same foundational principle it held when Jack and Carrol founded the company: To make a commitment to excellence each and every single day.

With all of the successes Prent has had in its first 50 years, we are excited to see what the company can deliver in the next 50. .