The QTI Group: Successfully Servicing Organizations for Over 60 Years!

October 4, 2017

The QTI Group sponsored the Family Business Center from 2006-2011 and has been a member since 2012. We thank them for the years of family business knowledge they are able to bring to all of our programs.

When it comes to helping businesses find the right employees, no one provides better service than The QTI Group. Their exceptional service and dedication to their customers has allowed the company to grow from a small two-person organization in 1957 to the industry leader that it is today.

Even with the vast success that The QTI Group has had over the years, it still remains true to its roots. The company culture and its value for its customers has remained its number one priority, even as it has expanded and opened other locations around the state, including in Milwaukee, Beaver Dam, the Fox Valley, and Platteville.

How is The QTI Group celebrating their 60 years of success? The organization just moved to a brand new main office building on East Washington Ave. in Madison, Wis. As new opportunities continue to open, expect The QTI Group to be there to take full advantage of them!