UB&T: Proudly Serving Customers for Over 100 Years

September 1, 2017

Union Bank & Trust has been a Family Business Center member since 2010 and we thank them for the years of family business knowledge they are able to bring to all of our programs.

There’s just something special about the number 100. Whether you are talking about a $100 bill, or a 100th anniversary, the number just has a special aura to it. You can probably imagine how great it must feel to be the Union Bank & Trust Company, which has been providing exceptional banking to Evansville, Wis. and surrounding area residents for over 100 years!

Union Bank & Trust hasn’t always been known by that name. The Grange Bank first opened in 1897, and it was purchased by Gertrude Eager in 1916. Gertrude and her son Leonard ran Grange Bank out of its original building until 1925, when they moved its location to where the Bank of Evansville had been located. It was then that they changed the bank’s name to the State Bank of Evansville.

In 1932, the State Bank of Evansville and the Farmers and Merchants State Bank decided to merge and they became the Farmer’s & State Bank. Eight years later, the bank started offering trust services, so to reflect this new service, the name was changed once again to Union Bank & Trust.

Today, Union Bank & Trust still has its Evansville branch located at the building that Gertrude Eager moved the bank to in 1925. They have also expanded to other areas in the region including Brooklyn, Belleville, Oregon, New Glarus, and Janesville. UB&T also remains in the Eager family, with fourth generation descendant Steve Eager having taken over as president in 2013.

As Union Bank & Trust reflects on the past 100 years of exceptional service, we are sure they are looking forward to seeing the growth and opportunities that the next 100 will present.