Foremost Media Takes the Family Business Digital

September 19, 2018

Foremost Media joined the Family Business Center as a new member in 2018. We look forward to all the exciting insights they will bring to our programs!

When most people think of family businesses, they likely think of blue-collar companies or mom and pop shops that have been around for decades or longer. These businesses are the backbone of America and they’ve kept the family business idea alive and well.

What most people probably don’t think of when they hear the words “family business” is a digital marketing agency located in a renovated 1800’s tobacco warehouse in downtown Janesville, Wis, but that’s exactly what Foremost Media is!

This innovative organization was founded in 2001 by cousins-in-law Jon Ballard and Andy Walker. Foremost has helped businesses across southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois develop a stronger online presence.

In an age where digital transformation has left many businesses, both family-owned and not, blindsided, it’s encouraging to see a family business that has embraced evolution head on.

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