Since 1976, McHugh Excavating Has Exceeded at Doing It All

October 9, 2018

Many companies will brag about being capable of “doing it all.” Then, you ask them to do something different, and the answer you get is, “Oh sorry, we wouldn’t know where to start. We’ve never actually done that before.” You won’t have to worry about getting that answer with McHugh Excavating.

This company, which has been based out of Onalaska since its founding, as truly done it all, and then some. McHugh started out as a residential excavating company, but after years of expansion and innovation, it now focuses mostly on commercial projects.

However, even after all the growth, the company still holds the same family values it was founded on: safety, sustainability, quality, and professional pride (just to name a few). McHugh Excavating has always strived to deliver the best work possible, and by maintaining its outstanding work ethic, it will continue to for years to come.