Sponsor Spotlight: Aspiriant

October 10, 2018

Aspiriant is one of the country’s most respected independent wealth management firms. With ten offices across the country and a unique, broad ownership structure, we serve clients as a fiduciary advisor. We manage over $12 billion for individuals and families throughout the U.S.

Aspiriant’s mission is simple: to give our clients confidence in pursuing their financial goals and peace of mind knowing a team of experts is behind them every step of the way. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients that are grounded in meaningful planning and encourage financial education and stewardship across generations. Aspiriant attracts clients that are driven by their purpose and values; many of whom have built businesses and contribute to the community in a powerful way. We work extensively with business owners, families with complex multi-generational wealth, entrepreneurs, and executives to achieve their personal goals and dreams. Our specialists collaborate to orchestrate every aspect of our clients’ complex financial lives so they can stay focused on their work. With the majority of their wealth represented by their company, business owners face unique wealth management concerns. In addition to helping business owners prepare financially, we work with them at all stages to build and execute on their comprehensive financial plans that account for the challenges they face regarding their risk profiles, tax exposure and growth potential.

We provide clients with a dedicated team of experts delivering a wide range of financial services. We also firmly believe in teaming with our clients’ trusted, professional advisors to ensure we arrive at the best answer for clients. Given the nuances of financial markets, the intricacies of tax laws, and the labyrinth of details when planning for the future, no one person can be an expert in every aspect of wealth management. That’s why we have built a large team of specialists who provide trusted, objective advice in areas such as: Asset allocation and portfolio management, tax planning, risk management, succession planning, preparing G2 and G3 for wealth, executive compensation, estate planning and wealth transfer, retirement savings, liquidity event planning, philanthropy, and education funding.

Portfolio construction and management are the core of how we help clients maximize opportunities to grow and protect their wealth. We have an internal team of investment experts dedicated to managing and monitoring client portfolios and the markets. We take a long-term view of the market and our portfolios are built to perform well across all phases of the market cycle. We think risk management is fundamental and we develop solutions calibrated to our clients’ precise tolerance and needs. Our unique way of aggregating clients’ capital to open up investing options rarely available to qualified investors – and make them affordable, sets us apart.

We’re proud to be acknowledged as a best-in-class firm for our service and employees.