• Aspiriant

About Aspiriant

Aspirant’s mission is to give clients confidence in pursuing their financial goals and peace of mind knowing a team of experts is behind them every step of the way. Aspiriant is one of the country’s most respected independent wealth management firms, managing over $14 billion for individuals and families. We serve clients as a fiduciary advisor through our 11 offices across the country.

Family business owners face unique wealth management concerns. We work with them at all stages to build and execute on their comprehensive financial plans that account for the challenges they face regarding their risk profiles, tax exposure, and growth potential.

Services offered:

  • Asset allocation and portfolio management
  • Tax planning
  • Risk management
  • Business succession planning
  • Executive compensation
  • Estate planning and generational wealth transfer
  • Retirement savings
  • Liquidity event planning
  • Philanthropy
  • Education funding

“Both the [FBC] members and the sponsors really come together to form an inclusive and a trusting environment, which ultimately enables and fosters an environment of personal and professional growth.”

Director in Wealth Management, Aspiriant