• Northeast Wisconsin-based Peer Groups

Family Business-Focused Peer Groups

The Wisconsin Family Business Center (FBC) and Strategic Solutions Consulting/Seefeldt Institute for Family Business are collaborating to bring family business focused peer groups to northeast Wisconsin. Peer groups consist of eight to 12 participants from non-competing organizations, facilitated by a family business expert, that meet 10 times per year for six hours per meeting between July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024.

Leadership and Professional Development



Family Dynamics and Generational Issues

Peer groups offer a confidential forum to discuss business, personal, or family business related issues.

Other benefits include personal and professional development through relationship building and peer to peer learning, accountability and support.

To register for a peer group, contact FBC Director Sherry Herwig at sherry.herwig@uwfbc.org or 608-441-7347 or Shipra Seefeldt, President of Seefeldt Institute for Family Business, at shipra@strategicsolutionsconsulting.com.

Learn more about our peer groups in the Madison/Milwaukee areas.

Northeast Wisconsin Peer Groups

CEO Group

This group is for individuals who are running their family-owned business. While the title is not important (President, CEO, Founder/Owner), he or she must be clearly in charge of making company decisions and managing operations. A non-family President/CEO is welcome to join.

Future Leader Group

This group is for the next generation of up-and-coming leaders in family businesses. Typically, the current generation (grandparent, parent, aunt/uncle, etc.) is still actively involved in running the business, and these individuals are preparing to step into a key leadership position in the future.


Shipra Seefeldt

Anjali Seefeldt

Tim Eckes