• Peer Groups

Experience Powerful and Trusted Peer Group Learning

We offer an innovative approach that gives you networking and learning opportunities tailored to your individual interests and concerns.

Groups of 6 to 12 members meet regularly for a facilitated discussion led by family business experts. Peer Groups are offered in Madison/Milwaukee and Northeast WI areas.

The benefits of joining a peer group include:

In-depth Discussions
of Critical Issues



A Confidential Forum
for Delicate Issues

For more information or to register for a peer group, contact FBC Director Sherry Herwig at sherry.herwig@uwfbc.org or 608-441-7347.

Current Peer Groups


This peer group is for people who are running a family-owned business. While the title of the individual is not important, he/she must be clearly in charge of company operations.

Future Leaders

If your parent or parents are still considered the company head but you are in a position of future leadership within the family-owned business, this peer group is for you.

Key Non-Family Leaders

If you hold a top management position (CEO, CFO, COO, HR Manager, Line Manger, General Manager, etc.) within a family-owned company but are not a family member, you encounter unique dynamics. Learn from others who share that role in this peer group.

“The other members provide a great sounding board for working through issues large and small and perspective about the challenges and joys that all family businesses face.”

Natalie Evans, Reynolds Transfer & Storage


Shipra Seefeldt

Shipra founded Strategic Solutions Consulting (SSC) in 2001. In 2017 she was awarded Fellow Status through the Family Firm Institute and is also the recipient of an Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising (ACFBA). Prior to starting SSC, Shipra worked as a clinical psychotherapist specializing in inter-generational family therapy. She was also the CEO of a mental health agency for seven year. Shipra has worked with a broad range of businesses, from small family-owned to Fortune 100 companies.

Anjali Seefeldt

Anjali has worked as an organizational development and family business consultant for Strategic Solutions Consulting since 2010. She earned her Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA) through the Family Firm Institute, and has dedicated her career to helping both families and businesses achieve their goals. Anjali has specialized in helping family businesses with leadership development, generational challenges, succession planning, and implementing structure into growing businesses.