• Peer Groups

Experience Powerful and Trusted Peer Group Learning

We offer an innovative approach that gives you networking and learning opportunities tailored to your individual interests and concerns.

Groups of 6 to 12 members meet regularly for a facilitated discussion led by family business experts. Peer Groups are offered in Madison/Milwaukee and Northeast WI areas.

The benefits of joining a peer group include:

In-depth Discussions
of Critical Issues



A Confidential Forum
for Delicate Issues

For more information or to register for a peer group, contact FBC Director Sherry Herwig at sherry.herwig@uwfbc.org or 608-441-7347.

Current Peer Groups


This peer group is for people who are running a family-owned business. While the title of the individual is not important, he/she must be clearly in charge of company operations.

Future Leaders

If your parent or parents are still considered the company head but you are in a position of future leadership within the family-owned business, this peer group is for you.

Key Non-Family Leaders

If you hold a top management position (CEO, CFO, COO, HR Manager, Line Manger, General Manager, etc.) within a family-owned company but are not a family member, you encounter unique dynamics. Learn from others who share that role in this peer group.

“The other members provide a great sounding board for working through issues large and small and perspective about the challenges and joys that all family businesses face.”

Natalie Evans, Reynolds Transfer & Storage

Meet the facilitators

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