• Become A Sponsor

Why Become a Sponsor?

The Wisconsin Family Business Center (FBC) Sponsors are dedicated to supporting the mission of the FBC and ensuring there is a valuable resource for family-owned businesses throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

FBC sponsors understand the important role family-owned businesses play in their community and the significant impact they have on the local, state, national, and global economy. Sponsors typically have a strong existing client base of family businesses, so it makes sense to support them and other family businesses.

Sponsors help FBC members proactively manage issues facing their family businesses and are an integral part in helping family businesses create a lasting legacy.

What is the Value of Sponsorship?

Sponsors receive tangible learning on the unique issues family business clients are experiencing. The FBC can be a development opportunity for the next generation of service providers in your organization. Sponsors grow their network and create lasting relationships with co-sponsors, members, and guests.

Key Sponsorship Benefits

  • Participate in FBC learning programs, networking, and social events
  • Bring family business clients as a guest and host guests of the FBC
  • Opportunity to present annually on a topic in your area of expertise
  • Recognition at events, FBC information materials, and the FBC website
  • Exclusivity in your professional area – sponsors are limited to two per industry
  • Rotating seat on the FBC Advisory Board
  • Access to FBC resources and referrals
  • 20% discount on all Center for Professional & Executive Development programs
  • Connections to the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Expectations of Sponsors

  • Be a champion of the FBC
  • Actively attend and participate in FBC programs
  • Introduce potential new members to the FBC
  • Uphold no sales, non-solicitation policy
    The FBC has a no sales/non-solicitation policy. In order to create a safe environment conducive to personal and professional development, the use of the Family Business Center for the purpose of business development is not allowed. FBC members, our primary constituents, need and expect the FBC to be a "safe harbor" where they can openly discuss private and sensitive issues.
  • Three-year commitment to sponsorship

How to Become a Sponsor

Sponsorships are $14,000 per year paid in two installments. To learn more about becoming a sponsor, fill out the form below or contact Sherry Herwig, sherry.herwig@uwfbc.org or 608-441-7347.