• Food for Thought November 15, 2023


What is a Family Office and Do You Need One?

Presented by Aspiriant

A family office can take many forms, including a single-family office, a multi-family office, and some families do not consider themselves a family office but need many of the services typically offered in one like wealth management, estate planning, tax services, philanthropic planning, lifestyle management, and more. If you or your family have ever wondered if you would benefit from a family office structure or if you have simply been curious to learn more about how families organize into an office, the services they typically use, and the advantages and tradeoffs, this session is for you.

Who Am I? Understanding the Corporate Transparency Act of 2022 and Beneficial Ownership

Presented by Stafford Rosenbaum

The Corporate Transparency Act of 2022 makes it mandatory for businesses to share information with the government about the people who own and control the company. The goal is to prevent illegal activities like money laundering and fraud by making it harder for people to hide their ownership of businesses. “Beneficial ownership” means the real people who ultimately own or control a company, even if their names aren’t on official documents. Join us to learn more about the who, how, and why of the Corporate Transparency Act of 2022 and ensure you are complying with the rules.

Lunch Presentation: Protecting the Wealth of Family Businesses in Today’s Legislative Environment

Presented by Family Enterprise USA

Pat Soldano President of Family Enterprise USA (FEUSA) and John Gugliada Director of Family Business Engagement FEUSA will share important insights collected from the FEUSA’s annual family business survey and provide valuable information such as their top tax concerns, and significant family business challenges. Learn how tax and economic legislation could affect you and your enterprise as well as the voter attitudes that drive legislation.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023
8:30 a.m. Breakfast and networking, Program 9 a.m.–1 p.m. includes lunch
Riverwood Corporate Center (Aspiriant Offices) N19 W24200 Riverwood Dr, Suite 320, Pewaukee, WI